When Disaster Primes, Victims Get Primed- EMP Attack Survival 101

336x280_emp3An EMP attack is still a mystery to many. Some people simply assume that an EMP attack is a conspiracy based on make-believe sentiments. Others think they know all about it, but they ignore a couple of things and bam! They suddenly have no access to their smartphones, laptops, computers, internet servers, refrigerators, banking systems, automobiles, plus every other electronic gadget. This is damn close to everything!

One thing’s for sure- an EMP attack is as close to certainty as any form of attack. The problem is, nearly every device today contains semiconductors. If the device you are speculating about has any digital interface, then you can as well be prepared to entomb it.

So how do you ensure you survive in the face of such a catastrophe? How do you protect your personal and home electrical systems? What’s the best emergency plan? Below is all you need to know about EMP attack survival.

EMP Attack Survival: What You Need To Know

What is an EMP Attack?

EMP is short for Electro Magnetic Pulse. At the most elementary level, it is an instantaneous and invisible by-product of a nuclear detonation over an unsuspecting nation. Looks like another physics theory from that old professor in high school? Yes, I know it seems very boring. But until it happens, you may never want to delve into the subject further than just imagining a pre-industrialized USA.

We are all familiar with small doses of EMP from generators at our local factories or homes. But what if the EMP is stronger? And what if electronic components are close enough to the source? According to some models, just a few EMP devices detonated at a high altitude is more than enough to cause incredible destruction. All electrical wires and semiconductor components could fry. The second they are fried, that’s it… Hell will break loose! And that’s just the beginning. Welcome to the nightmare.

What Happens After?

You might have heard about total blackout. But unless you are on an aircraft or in the middle of traffic, you might not even know anything has happened. Sure, the power will be gone, but how many times have you had a blackout? Too many times, so all is calm and relaxed. You wait a little longer, but still no sign of power. You try to contact the power company. Your phone doesn’t work. You head to your car. It can’t start. Everything begins to get weird real fast.

Who Would Do Such A Thing?

Given the animosity and extremism of psychopathic enemies, the only thing they can think of when they have a nuclear bomb is to finish their chief nemesis. The best and most reliable way they would accomplish an attack would be to launch a nuclear warhead in space, rather than using ground detonations which more often than not, are ineffective and limited in scope. Not long ago, American officials confirmed that Iranian military base had endorsed an electromagnetic pulse detonation to dismantle the US electric grid. Recent news has given credibility to the impending threat citing that the nuclear attack will be delivered by ship off the East Coast and launched via missile or satellite.

How Long Will This Last?

It is estimated that an EMP explosion embattled over the focal point of the country would virtually knock the US back to the pre-electrical age. Reports by professionals are very precise in their extrapolations of the latitude of damage in the aftermath of an attack. There is serious possibility that the country might never get back on its feet.

Are You Prepared for a Pre-electrical Era?

Many people are getting ready for a new future. Most of them are spending tons of money trying to keep their lives similar to how they are in the present day. They are investing in diesel generators and Faraday cages. They are hoarding fuel to run this paraphernalia.

So with diesel generators and Faraday cages, are you fully prepared for an EMP? There are two answers to this question- Yes and No.

Yes, because Faraday cages rely on a self-sufficient internal power supply that would remain unaffected by an EMP attack as the cage protects it. Generators, on the other hand, can be a reliable solution but only for as long as fuel lasts. So which electrical devices should you protect in a Faraday cage? An early model car, a ham radio, solar battery charger, emergency radio, a small generator and emergency medical equipment would do you justice in regards to communication, transport and lighting.

No, because most Faraday cages are linked to outside sources such as car batteries. For it to survive a two-minute EMP, power supply needs to be inside and not outside. So it’s very unlikely that power located outside can withstand the effects of a strong EMP. Generators are a temporary solution. How many liters of fuel can take you through a five-year term? How much storage do you need to hoard such an amount? Besides, if your generator is not protected, it may not work regardless of how much fuel you have stocked.

So Is There Any Chance of Survival?

An elusive subject of survival is the aftermath of a deprived and destabilized nation. With cold, hunger and darkness fighting to eliminate anything with life in it, law abiding citizens will turn into rogues. There will be no law. No order. No private property. Nothing under the tree of civilization will exist.

Assuming that the chance of survival for non-preppers is very slim, there are steps that can be taken to improve sustainability for prepared persons. The definitive preparedness goal should be to have access to essential supplies without the help of power, generators or fuel.

What Kind of Essentials Are We Talking?


Now here is a situation where you need to utilize your IQ capabilities to figure out how much food you need in a specific span of time. Assuming you have the ability to store food, loading sufficient amounts to survive a post-apocalyptic EMP session is almost impossible. Foods requiring refrigeration will last only a few days. Canned foods can only survive well beyond their two-year shelf life. But what happens when the reserve is depleted? Do you have to watch yourself die of hunger?

Now more than ever, you need a realistic plan. Not only do you need food, but you also need a way to cook it and preserve it from spoiling. A greenhouse or a garden can solve a food problem as long as you stock up some seeds. If you do not want to eat raw foods, you will learn outdoor cooking methods. It’s not hard to live without a refrigerator; there are many ways to preserve food for long without having to waste.


Within no time, your home will become a target for thieves and evacuees. Even security systems with the highest integrity will soon be overrun. Homes located in rural areas are probably the most susceptible. If you are successful in finding a hidden location, make as little movement as possible. You might want to know if intruders are approaching your bug out location, so ensure you place guards to monitor unwelcome entry. Get ready to eliminate any threat.

Where it’s not hands-on to look for your own bug out location, it may be viable to collect resources with other preppers in the building of a remote community. In times of need, you either stick to your principles and die, or survive, so be set to do anything to defend yourself. It is important to remember that anyone could be your enemy so don’t trust easily.

Health and Sanitation

It is a fact that seven out of ten people will be dead within a month. Why? Dirty water. Within a day or two, all households in America will be void of water. Many people have no reserve water. People will begin drinking from rivers, lakes and streams. Diseases like typhoid will take over. It all comes down to whether you have a comprehensive plan to access clean water in the event of a disaster.

On the other hand, the prospect of depleting necessary medicines is potentially life-threatening for people with medical issues. Most medicines have a limited supply and shelf life. The best preparation for long-term medical needs is preventative care. Increased familiarity with nutrition and natural remedies can help intensify your quality of life. You need to appreciate how natural herbs simulate the curative effects of pharmaceutical products to offset healing.

Light and Warmth

The best way to survive is to establish life without electricity. If you aren’t privileged to experience first-hand how it is to live in a century back, draw some inspiration from our forefathers. People lived without power and survived. Get your fireplace area in shape. Set up a fire to provide light and warmth. Just ensure you have an adequate supply of warm clothes, bedding and even sleeping bags.

But if you have $10,000 to spare on a home generation system, then you could be among the lucky few with some kind of electrical power. This involves storing a complete home electrical power generation system in large Faraday cages. But since you won’t have access to gasoline or natural gas, solar and wind will be your best friends.


Water is a critical issue. How much is enough? The minimum amount of water one can survive on is one gallon per day. If you haven’t cited water sources near your home, it’s high time you find them. A long-term plan might include gravity inspired water filtration systems, a manual pump for wells, buckets for carrying water from existing sources, storage units such as water tanks and handy water filters for safe water.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, we don’t know how and when a catastrophe may strike. But we do know that we need to be prepared. Meanwhile, an EMP attack is a definite possibility that could inflict unfathomable turmoil and mayhem. This is how you prepare to survive with no power – Get ready, familiarize and live!

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