The Lost Ways Review (An eBook Written By Claude Davis)

By | March 2, 2016

email2-picGive me the Lost Ways Book or teach me how to stay alive in a post-collapse period. Because when it comes to survival skills, I want to learn more, more.

(In fact, I bought the eBook at, unlike the other guys out there that give fake reviews without actually using the product. I actually used the product and provide a complete review below)

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It’s not every day that we get to revel in the adequacy of pertinent information. That’s why I’m mobilizing you with candid survival information based on the Lost Ways eBook by Claude Davis before everything becomes inaccessible. In fact, what you will learn here will be far more valuable than any other resource in the event that disaster decides to spell out your fate.

General Information About The Lost Ways eBook

Product Name: The Lost Ways
Product Creator: Claude Davis (of fame)
Price: $37.00 (Discounted from $97.00)
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

The Lost Ways Review- Our Ultimate Preparedness Plan

In a world where modernism has literally hijacked all aspects of life, it is shocking to see how we have taken comfort in our principal Achilles’ heel. The self-same novelty that acts as a double-edged sword has overtaken our intellectual to the extent that we flout the likelihood of a disastrous occurrence. Yes, we have put all our survival tactics in one basket believing that our pervasive and hypothetically convenient technology will protect us from the uncertainties of the future.

One thing’s indisputable; the occurrence of a collapse is as close to certainty as any form of attack. And whether we like it or not, we will indiscriminately get yanked out of our comfort zones to face a life that we have since abandoned, a life that saw our ancestors celebrate centurions, a life most of us know very little about. So what is this life really like?

Many sentiments have since been speckled on how life will be without electrical power, computers, internet, refrigerators or Walmart. But in the Lost Ways, Claude Davis uncovers an undisclosed secret that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, droughts and diseases without the comfort of modern luxuries.

What is the Lost Ways?

They say old is gold. How many old-fashioned survival skills have you grasped? How close are you to echoing the life of your ancestors? Have you become better at mimicking a forgotten life? Probably not.


The Lost Ways is a survival guide based on three old but precious lesson which will help you deal with catastrophic scenarios in times of adversity and scarcity. After reading the eBook, I can honestly say that Claude Davis led us in on the secrets of survival in a time when the only things defining civilization will be hunger and deprivation. So pay close attention because these three secrets will change your life for good. Let’s delve in:

Secret #1: Don’t Take Anything For Granted

All of the activities we take for granted every day, such as tilling a garden or making a trip to the store; all depend on the prevalence of favorable conditions. What many don’t know is that during a crisis, it rapidly becomes every man for himself. Everything gets thorny real fast. Claude describes how people resort to eating their own pets and even children! When disaster strikes, you either stick to your principles and die or fight for survival in the face of a harsh and unconditional environment. The biggest mistake you can make is to think that this can by no means happen to you.

Secret #2: If You Do Not Remember the Past, You Are Doomed to Repeat It

History repeats itself sporadically, and we are on the brink of oblivion. You may have a perfect life today, but it can all fly away in a split second. Our ancestors grappled to create a conducive atmosphere for future generations in the midst of bloodshed. These old-timey ingredients should be fought for and handed down to our children and our children’s children. Your grandparent was probably the last generation to practice basic things like constructing a root cellar or making pemmican. If you ignore these foundation bricks, you are condemned to be swept by the floods of disaster regardless of how much you try to cement your modern life.

Secret #3: It Is Always Up To You

The principal misstep most of us have taken is to think that the world owes us our lives. We have arrived at irreversible points where we feel run-down when not in possession of our electronic gadgets. The truth is we have become detached with the past, the soil, the trees and our own souls. Yes, I believe you have the right to enjoy free will. But if you are constantly making decisions that are not geared towards the mobility of your future, then you shouldn’t blame anyone when dark times creep in your direction. Claude has a philosophy of living based on the belief that you create your destiny. You can truly change things, and you are capable of more than you think!

Here Are A Few Favorite Tips Learned From The Lost Ways

Tip #1: Do you recall how people freaked out prior to the new century? Well, that was nothing compared to what will happen in the aftermath of a major catastrophe. Mike Searson attempts to give us first-hand information on how we can survive with minimal resources.

Tip #2: While fathers will be eating their own children, your family will be busy trapping beaver and muskrat in preparation for a sumptuous meal during winter. Patrick Shelley explains to you step by step how to earn a decent living in the woods by making foolproof traps.

Tip #3: While hordes will be struggling to look for a sip in a haze of muddy streams, your family will be relishing clean water for decades on end. Why? Because you will be armed with Shannon Azares expedient tips on how to preserve clean water cost-free.

Tip #4: Certain elements are non-negotiable. Lex Rooker’s teachings on how to make superfoods with essential ingredients that can be found in any Walmart, is a welcome note in the hullaballoo of confusion. Surprisingly, the simple nature of the foods doesn’t mean they are not fortified with vitamins and minerals. In fact, they are highly nutritious and can last for years without refrigeration.

The Best Part

The 338 pages of detailed step-by-step information is available as a digital copy at a significantly discounted price (only $37.00). You can download it to your PC or smartphone and even make a physical copy for when it all crumbles. The fact that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee makes it a sound choice for every prepper looking to knuckle down on the forgotten ways of our great grandfathers. Click here to get more information about The Lost Ways eBook.

Do You Get A Bonus Package?

bonus1Yes- The Lost Ways comes with an exciting bonus package of two special reports on what every survivalist should grow in their backyard and a step-by-step guide to building your own can rotation system. How’s that for attention to detail?bonus2

From a viewpoint, it would be veracious to say that disaster preparedness is not a matter of when, but HOW SOON a tragedy may strike. My recommendation is for you to pick this book up, but don’t let it join your dusty collection- read it, rehearse it and then thank me later.

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